95-Year-Old Great Grandmother Arrested For Smacking Granddaughter In The Face With Slipper

A 95-year-old great grandmother had reached her boiling point with her granddaughter who wouldn’t get out bed and decided to called police for help. However, it turned against her as she was arrested.

According to the Miami Herald, Hattie Reynolds decided she was going to get her granddaughter Janeen William out of bed and took a slipper and slapped her in the face with it!

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In the police report, both Grandma Hattie and Janeen accuse the other of getting loud after she went in Janeen’s room to get her out of the bed. Janeen says she was on the phone when her grandmother barged in. Jameen said she told her get out but granny said she wasn’t leaving.

Grandma Hattie reportedly told police that she doesn’t have money to pay for the air conditioner for her to be in her room all day. “She’s just staying here living with me and she won’t get up out of the bed,” Hattie said. “She act like this her property and I want her out of the bed.” Janeen didn’t want to press charges on her own granny or write a statement. Unfortunately, police still arrested and took Grandma Hattie to jail. She was booked for domestic violence but was later released.

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