#BBNAIJA: Mercy Calls Frodd And Omashola Trash Team As She Supports Mike’s Action

#BBNAIJA: Mercy Calls Frodd And Omashola Trash Team As She Supports Mike’s Action-medratimes

Mike spent the night trying to force information off Tacha but she was calm & didn’t play to his game. She totally ignored him. She understood his game. He later went to meet Tacha & Khafi asking who owns the red badge. No one responded & Mike put the red badge in the trash. Frodd got angry, picked it up, corrected Mike & reminded him that that badge was their badge & it means a lot to them. Others joined and it got worse. Mike said he was going to do trash the badge the second time & he did. That was when Omatshola got angry & challenges him. Tacha was quiet and acted like no one but herself exist.

In summary, Mercy was excited and started acting like a child, saying things like Mike only put the trash(red badge) in the trash. So we won the red team finally. That was childish. Omashola & Frodd felt hurt, khafi tried to address the matter, but he insisted he would do it as many times as he wants

Omashola almost destroyed all the art work in the house but Khafi stopped him with a hug to calm him down while she tried to talk sense into him. All in all, he listened

The game is getting more intense & strategies are playing out here!

The target was to make tacha react. She didn’t, then he tried to provoke the whole team while the rest of ENIGMA team tried to defend his action while laughing at LEGENDS, especially Mercy being dramatic about it & robbing it to their face, calling them trash team.

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