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10 Most Common Misconceptions About Acne (Pimples)

There are plenty of misconceptions out there regarding acne causes and development. Understanding acne means sorting through fact and fiction. Many of the beliefs we hold about the causes of acne are... Read more »

How To Make Rice Water Shampoo For Hair

Rice has long been used to strengthen hair. And now recipes with rice are popular. If you regularly use rice for hair care, you can prevent the appearance of gray hair early.... Read more »

Importance Of Coconut For The Body

Importance of coconut for the body has been proven by all nutritionists, coconut contains a massive range of vitamins and minerals. Coconut health benefits are contained in its milk, water, and oil... Read more »
THIS Is Why It Is So Important To Lose Belly Fat

THIS Is Why It Is So Important To Lose Belly Fat

Here are good reasons to lose weight and slim down that waistline… 1/ LOSE BELLY FAT, LIVE LONGER Study after study shows that the people with the largest waist sizes have the... Read more »

See The Winner Of The First Ever Albino Beauty Pageant – PHOTOS

22-year-old Sithembiso Mutukura beat 12 other contestants in Zimbabwe’s first Miss Albinism beauty contest aimed at reducing stigma and increasing awareness about the condition. Friday’s “Beauty Beyond the Skin” pageant was held... Read more »

Top Benefits of Papaya (Pawpaw) For Weight Loss And Beauty

Traditional medicine advises using papaya seeds as a seasoning instead of black pepper to get rid of parasites. In fact, science knows a lot of useful properties of papaya, concerning both juicy... Read more »

Want To Get Rid Of That Belly Fat Real Quick?.

You have probably already heard about wrapping body parts with foil as a way to lose weight faster. Do you know what the results are?, Then stay with me. You can Indulge... Read more »