BIO191 TMA Solutions And Answers (General Practical Biology I)

1 The male Agama agama is easily distinguished with its

Red head

2 The African toad protects itself when handled by the production of which fluid……………


3 In the African toad, the snout of the head is ——————-


4 In T.zilli the anal fin located————-


5 When viewed from the side, the head of T.zilli is what shape?


6 Tilapiazilli belongs to the Order


7 _________constitute the largest number of living vertebrates

The bony fish

8 The essence of dissecting an animal or insect is

To display the internal organs/system

9 To maximize the light gathering ability of the microscope lens, you add______between the object and the coverglass

Immersion oil

10 Which of the following statements is incorrect about a microscope?

It is kept in a damp place

11 Animals for dissection are held down on a board or tray with


12 You open up a rat with


13 Wearing of a lab coat is


14 What is a lab coat?

A coat made of white material worn in the lab

15 Why is wearing of short in the lab not advisable?

To avoid injury

16 Talking in the lab might

Contaminate microbial experiment

17 If you eat in the lab, you are likely to

Injure yourself and alter your results

18 You avoid making noise in the lab because

You will disturb others

19 You do not smoke in the lab in order to avoid


20 You keep the lab clean in order to

Avoid contamination

1 Which of these statements is correct about biological drawings?

Drawing should not be too small or too big

2 Magnification of biological drawing is ——————

Expression of the actual size of specimen in mathematical term

3 When you make a cut on a fruit from top to bottom along its length, it is also called

Longitudinal section

4 Which of the following items is out of place in the report of your experiments

None of the above

5 One of the following is not a laboratory equipment

Slide cabinet

6 Which of these is not a glassware?

pH meter

7 Which of the following equipment utilizes steam for sterilization?


8 Which of these items of the laboratory is out of place in the group?

Hot plate

9 In the laboratory disposal of spent materials are done on ————–

The incinerator

10 To display general instructions in the laboratory, which of the following factors should be least considered?


11 The labels of stock solutions in the laboratory should contain all except one of these information

Name of person that prepared it

12 In the operation of an autoclave when the discharge outlet valve is closed, —————- minutes are needed for sterilisation?


13 The operational range of temperature in an incubator is between —————


14 The culture of microorganisms is best done in the laboratory using

Laminar flow

15 Dissecting trays contain——————-


16 Used culture plates are better sterilized in the laboratory using———–


17 The Transverse Section (TS) of the stem of water leaf is made in the lab using

A razor blade

18 The Pteridophytes are ————— producing vascular plants


19 An aspirator has…………tubes


20 An aspirator is a device used for collection of…………….

Small insects

1 The female Agama agama is easily distinguished with its

greenish head

2 A lab coat is


3 The ultra structure of an object is best seen with the aid of

Electron microscope

4 When an object is seen clearly under the microscope, it is said to be

In focus

5 The light microscope uses

Sunlight source

6 The microscope is

All of the above

7 The slide is mounted on the microscope on the


8 You look into the microscope through the


9 All the under listed are parts of the microscope except

Electric handle

10 Which of the following does not belong to the microscope group?

Concave lens

11 The best anesthetizing agent in the laboratory is


12 Why is it that you do not drink or eat in the lab?

To avoid poisoning

13 Why should books, notes and purses be kept in designated places in the lab?

To avoid disturbance

14 When a display is ready, it is pasted in the

Open lab walls and doors

15 You write instructions for display in the laboratory using

A color pen

16 You display instructions in the labouratory using

A chart paper

17 In the study of biology, which of these statements is true?

Practical’s should go ha nd-in-hand with theory

18 Which of the following is critical for good drawings?

Sharp pencil

19 In practical biology, you —————-

Follow tutors instructions

20 Field study is carried out in the study of biology to ——————

All of the above

1 The female Agama agama is easily distinguished with its


2 ____________are words to describe your drawings


3 A thin section of water leaf stem can be made with a _________or microtome

razor blade

4 Bacteria cells are classified on the basis of their reactions to _______ stain


5 Required temperature in ovens and water baths is maintained by a____


6 The structure of an organism is also called ______


7 Metal cans are sterilized in the lab using ____________


8 You pick the skin of an animal with a ______

force p

9 Dissected animals are disposed in the laboratory by _____


10 You want to indicate how big the specimen you have drawn is in relation to your drawing by way of __________


11 A cross section across a root can be viewed with a _____


12 The scientific name of rat is _______

Rattus rattus

13 The pH of a medium is usually adjusted in the lab by adding HCl or____________


14 ________water is used for running experiments in the laboratory


15 A piece of potato in Petri dish and a drop of iodine added is testing for __________


16 Animals are dissected in _____ in the laboratory


17 A _____ is used to measure the rate of loss of water by plants in the laboratory


18 Bony fish possess mainly bony _______ and _______ skeleton

exo, endo

19 In anaesthesizing animals, _______ and ether are used as anaesthesing agents.


20 A spinal frog, one in which the entire brain is destroyed, is prepared by a procedure known as



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