Blac Chyna Torments Fans With the Hottest Booty Video Yet on Instagram — WATCH VIDEO

Blac Chyna is giving fans a heart attack, and it is all thanks to her booty

Last night, the mum of two took to her page to post her latest video in which she flaunts her massive behind in high-cut body suit that put her booty on full display. The reality TV star dances to K. Forest’s Rewind, twisting and turning, showing off all that she is blessed with. And as expected, fans frothed with excited on her page.

This comes just as New York Post’s Page Six column revealed that many record labels already approached the mum of two for a record deal. Chyna is looking forward to a career in the rap industry, a dream that was born after her numerous features in music videos, including her latest with Nicki Minaj.

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“She’s met with four labels and [is] collaborating with very big artists, and there’s going to be big news coming soon,” said Page Six after Chya posted photo of her in a studio.

“Yes, she is trying to rap and no, [it’s] horrible. All the majors are listening, and, sadly, she will likely get a deal. If she lands it, somebody will be stupid enough to give her a seven-figure advance … She wants the music to be right,” the report continued, adding that Chyna approached Drake and Nicki Minaj to help her establish her career.

Page Six continued, saying, “Chyna was offered a deal. A huge record deal. But you never take the first offer … All of her friends are going to help her out … Nicki has been very helpful as a mentor and Drake shouted her out 10 years ago on a record.”

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And what will she be rapping about? For one, she is considering her journey with the Kardashians.

“Chyna hasn’t wrote a song about the Kardashians but she’s thinking about it. She could … She’s exploring all musical possibilities. She’s a poet and she’s been around the music industry for many, many years. She’s well versed,” the report added.

Well, the mum of two has posted this booty video which seem like something out of a music video.

Watch Below…

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