Blue Ivy Is Already a Flawless Diva Just Like Beyoncé So Bow Down. (Photos)

It seems that the four-year-old got it from her mama, as evidenced by an Instagram photoshoot.

Blue Ivy Carter executed a photo shoot on Wednesday, selected an exquisite wardrobe in various shades of pink, and accessorized her look impeccably.

In the two posts (set against a floral print background), Blue Ivy rocks an Alessandro Michele-esque ruffled shirt and skirt in coordinating shades of pink, then finishes off her look with a sleek top knot, floral bolo tie, and a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses — causing Auntie Solange to comment in one of her caption that, “Gucci campaigns can’t even touch her w a pinky toe.”

Solange also noted that Blue Ivy, like her mother, retains full creative control; apparently Blue does her own photo selects and edits — but honestly, would you expect anything less from the sole progeny of Queen Bey?


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