The Bee Chase by Dr John Anakwenze

bee chase

THE BEE CHASE is a book authored by Dr John Anakwenze.

Do you have a terrible memory from your childhood that you can’t escape? Maybe you remember it daily, or maybe there is a certain trigger that takes you back to that time and place. Udenka, a boy in Nigeria, thought his painful memories were left in the past. His childhood was difficult; he was small, underfed and struggled to make it through school. Poverty, civil war and death were all trying to block his future. Despite this, he used his humble persistence and intelligence to eventually become a doctor. However, one experience in his past was different than the rest. Even with all he has overcome in the passing years, a traumatic sight in Udenka’s young life vibrantly comes back to him: THE BEE CHASE.

This book shows that perseverance does pay off. It’s captivating from start to finish, Well written. It narrates the life of 99.9% of Africans. I urge you to get the book, read and recommend to friends too.

THE BEE CHASE is on sale on Amazon and on Novum Publishing.

To purchase on Amazon follow this link: The Bee Chase On Amazon

To purchase on Novum Publishing follow this link: The Bee Chase On Novum


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