Call the Police Immediately If You Observe Someone’s Palm With a Black Dot on It

You should immediately call the police if you notice someone with a black dot on his/her palm. The black dot signifies that the person is in some kind of trouble.

1. A Sign

Many a times human beings communicate through symbols. Signs that help you communicate with other people. Signs that say that there is someone out there who understands the way I feel. Just like these internet signs that help understand the internet,such a sign can come in any size shape or form. In this particular case this dot is the sign that sends a message.

The ‘Black Dot Campaign’ as it is now known was started on Facebook. Since its inception it has now gone viral. What does it mean?

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2. What It Stands For

The ‘Black Dot Campaign’ began as a campaign to recognize Domestic abuse victims. The simple black dot on palm shows that the person is in some kind of inconvenience or danger.

The organizers behind the campaign state, “The black dot on the hand lets professionals know you’re a really vulnerable domestic violence survivor, and that you need help but can’t ask because your abuser is watching your every move. In just 24 hours the campaign has reached over 6000 people world wide, and has already helped 6 women. Please spread the campaign, and post a picture of your hand with the black dot, to show your support to all survivors of domestic violence.”

3. Spread The Word

Victims of domestic abuse are often led to believe that there is no way out. That this is their life, and it can never get better. This campaign exists to give hope to these women to let them know that they are not alone.

At some point or the other, everyone needs help. Make sure you go forward and help in whatever way you can, when someone reaches out to you. Share this article and spread the word. Domestic violence might just be a problem that you are unaware of even in your own neighborhood.

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