Can You Get Life Insurance If You’ve Had Prostate Cancer?

More men are surviving prostate cancer. But can you still buy affordable life insurance?

For many men over a certain age, getting an annual physical exam is no big deal. Except for one particular test. And if you’re a male, you know what test I’m talking about.

Your doctor usually leaves this test for last. (Doctors have a warped sense of humor.) You know it’s coming because all you hear is the snap of a rubber glove, followed by the time-honored phrase: “Now cough!” Yes, I am referring to the physical (commonly called a Digital Rectal Exam or “DRE”) test for prostate cancer. Though slightly uncomfortable, this test is quite useful in detecting the early stages of the second most common form of cancer in men (after skin cancer).

Typically, there are no early symptoms for prostate cancer, which is typically a slow-growth disease. Most men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer are over age 65. The disease is more common in African-American males than in white males.


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