Controversial Man of God Claims to Have Turned Toxic Saline Water Drinkable in Kenya (Photos)

Self-acclaimed man of God, Prophet David Owuor, who is highly revered by his followers in Kenya and abroad, claims to have performed another miracle.

The controversial preacher on his website alleges to have done many miracles, the latest being turning salty water into a sweet water.

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It was earlier reported that on Thursday, May 17, just like Moses split the Red Sea using his rod and Jesus Christ turned water into wine, the prophet turned saline water into sweet one thus making it drinkable.

Part of the report says: “We are living in Biblical times where the shocking and accurate repeat of Biblical events has never been more real than in the 21st century. In an exact repeat of the events of Exodus 15: 22-25, Prophet Dr Owuor has shocked the world again. This is after he healed bitter water and turned in to sweet water in wells across Kenya.”

It was reported that the first well where the alleged miracle took place was in Nyali, Mombasa county, with the prophet’s followers saying the act beats science as explained by water engineers.

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The reports says: “Talking to water engineers, one of them said it’s impossible to have saline water made sweet unless it is taken from the well and treated in a laboratory fallibly. Saline waters remain so from eternity to eternity. The incorrectable state of the aquifers which these waters get their composition from makes it impossible to naturally turn even a drop to normal.”

It was also alleged Prophet Owuor uttered the same three words as he did on Thursday, June 22, 2017, to a dead woman known as Mama Rosa immediately bringing her back to life in an event which also stocked debate in the country.

Residents of Nyali including a police officer were claimed to have flocked the home of one Imathiu to taste the waters and those who carried the sweet water to their homes made their wells begin producing miraculously sweetened waters.

“One of the people who made it to Bishop Imathiu’s compound to witness this miracle was GSU Inspector Boniface Oketch. When he tasted the sweet waters miraculously healed by Prophet Dr. Owuor, he took some for himself. The amazed inspector went all the way to his Nairobi home with a 5-liter jerrycan of the sweet waters. His intention, to have his family taste this water,” the testimony continued.

The believers said, the police officer was guided by God to pour the water in his well only for his house help to find out later that their water had become sweet.

The miracle was reported to have spread to a neighbour who had heard of the occurrence, visited Imathiu’s home and took some of the sweet water which he poured in his well.

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It was added that: “In fact, the neighbor had dug his well and channeled the water to some few households within the neighborhood. This water from the well was used for domestic purposes; car washing and the like. When the head of that family used the water to brush his teeth, he noticed that the water was tasty. The water had just been turned sweet. This was well number three that the words of the Prophet of the Lord were still working in them, changing the aquifers.”

According to the faithful, the prophet has turned three wells producing salty water into sweet waters reservoirs lauding the prophet for his mighty ways, terming him as the only one true prophet who all Kenyans need to listen to.

“Needless to say, it is apparent whose voice we ought to listen to as a nation and as a people. When innate objects such as rocks and water are heeding to every word He says, what a serious rebuke to this obstinate generation. There is only one Prophet in the world and he is here. Sent from Jehovah God himself,” the article stated.

The followers even referred to Prophet Owuor as the great Prophet Elijah who did great wonders as documented in the old testament of the bible saying Kenya needs to wake up to the privilege of being the home of this mighty man of God.

It was not, however, indicated of Prophet Owuor had been invited by Imathiu to her home or on his routine mission when he performed the alleged miracle.

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