Creativity: Meet 29-Year-Old Man Who Built a ‘Bicycle-car’ Using Old Bicycle Parts (Photos)

A 29-year-old man in Mahikeng, North West, has built his own dream “bicycle-car” and has already traveled over 50km in it.

Patrick Chweu matriculated in 2011. However, he could not study further because of lack of fees. Speaking to, he said he resorted to making toy cars, which he then sold at taxi ranks for R20 each which is approximately N600.

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Patrick made the toy cars out of recyclable tins and bottles. As interest grew, he put more effort and refined them. He now sells each toy car for R150, that is N4,600 and sells about 10 in a month.

Patrick Chweu stands next to his “bicycle-car.” Source: Sowetan

As things got better, the talented young man decided to challenge himself to build something bigger after a particularly touching compliment from a client.

The “bicycle-car” does not have an engine but is propelled by pedals.

Patrick explained: The man said, ‘I like people who approach life in a different way.’ To me, it said I was unique. My work made someone cry, and I told myself that I was going to challenge myself.

He started off by collecting old bicycle parts, tins and plastic bottles. It took him six months and four attempts to put his fairly unique creation together.

He has already travelled over 50km in his “bicycle-car.” Source: Sowetan

His “bicycle-car” does not have an engine but is propelled by pedals. He finally completed it in December last year and has already travelled more than 50km in it.

Patrick has inspired a friend, Thato Molosankwe, who said he’ll carry out a fund raise to help him. He added: “Chweu’s invention proves that a lot of young people think positive. Their dream gets shattered because of lack of support from home, community and government.”



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