Dead Broke: Love And Hip Hop Star Dawn Heflin Says She Has Only $20 To Her Name…. Lives Of Food Stamps!!!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Dawn Heflin is telling the court that she’s completely broke in new Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, The reality star claims in court papers that she only has $20 in cash to her name, and lives off Food Stamps. Dawn is best known as Joseline Hernandez’s former manager.

The reality star filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy explaining she has $235,719 in assets and $263,370 in liabilities.

Dawn list her assets to include a house worth $172k (which she has a 17k in mortgage arrears and $166k owed on the mortgage), $20 in cash in hand, $320 in her checking account & $100 in savings, $1k in household goods, $1k in clothing and shoes and a 2013 Lexus LS she paid $48k for (and still owes $32k on the Tahoe) and 2012 Chevy Tahoe worth $12k (which she still owes $22k on).

But there’s more. Dawn also claims to owe$1,400 in back taxes, $9k+ in credit card debt, $3,305 on a charge account with Neiman Marcus, $7,653 to the Department of Education for student loans, over $4k to Macy’s & $1,207 to Banana Republic, $1k to Home Depot

She lists her occupation as “reality star” and says that Love And Hip Hop pays her just $800 a week for her services.


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