Does Penis Size Really Matter?????

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Sex, gratifying sexual life, is one of the key ingredients for any successful relationship. A consistent unsatisfactory sex life has the potential to wreck any relationship, hence many men go out in search of answers to every single question on how they can have a magical sex life with their partner, especially those to whom it has been a challenge. With this urgent need for answers comes the readiness to believe theories, some of which are not verified in any objective way, on factors necessary for a magical sexual experience. One of these is the theory that a bigger penis size makes a man much more capable in bed even though his current penis size is normal. As a result, many men search for and experiment with different things on how to increase their penile size.

Before attempting anything you’ve heard on how to increase your penis size, you should know a few things about sex and penis size:

1. You probably have a normal penis size
Although there’s no all-convincing research on the normal penis size, available studies show that normal penis size is anything that isn’t a micropenis (an abnormality that is noticed at birth and defined as a stretched penile length less than 2.5cm at birth). Many studies show that the average erect penis size is around 13 cm for a young man, but even if yours is 1 or 2 cm shorter (only less than 3% of men have penises below the average size), your sexual performance is not determined by a bigger size.

2. There’s no direct relationship between the size of a non-erect and an erect penis.

The anxiety about penis size in some men obviously started from the perception of the size of their penis when it’s not erect. However, there’s no direct evidence that the size of a non-erect penis indicates the size of the penis when it’s erect because depending on several circumstances, a penis can vary in size when it is not erect.

3. Sexual Performance has little to nothing to do with a bigger size.

A lot of men think the bigger the size the more satisfying their sexual performance for their partner. This is not true however. Only in few cases where some women have vaginal orgasm, which requires deeper stimulation, that a longer penis may play some role in sexual satisfaction. But in most cases, sexual gratification depends totally on the erectile function, duration of erection maintenance and skill at foreplay. The man should also work towards reaching orgasm together with his partner as research has shown couples who attain orgasm together bond much stronger. In addition, do not let the obsession for a bigger make you lose confidence because your normal size is enough to satisfy your partner, just improve your communication with her, and discuss how you can satisfy each other by trying out different techniques of foreplay and positions.

If the size of the penis is truly small–though this would have been noticed at birth, during childhood or early teenage years, and medical attention sought–the man should visit a specialist hospital to see medical doctors, especially an endocrinologist and a urologist, for treatment.

For men who still want a bigger size, despite having a normal size currently, there are different enlargement options. However, you should know that the efficacy of such treatments are not fully known or guaranteed, and there may be unintended side effects that could be far worse than your initial obsession with a bigger size. If you must attempt any penis enlargement treatment, do so under the guidance of a medical expert.


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