Drake Reveals He Has Unconditional Love For Former Porn Star Babymama

Drake has opened up on fathering a baby with porn star, Sophie Brussaux. Speaking about the experience of fatherhood,he told Lebron James and his co-host Maverick Carter,

I’m just really excited to be a great father.

On his strained relationship with the mother of his one-year-old boy, former adult actress Sophie Brussaux, he said

‘I am a single father learning to communicate with a woman who, we’ve had our moments,’ Drake told the NBA star and his business partner Carter.

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He said the pair were ‘always cutting each other down’

‘I do want to be able to explain to my son what happened. But I don’t have any desire for him to not love his mother. I don’t ever want the world to be angry at his mother.’

‘No matter what happens, I have unconditional love for the mother of my child because I want him to love his mother and I have to project that energy,’ added Drake

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