Eva Alordiah Disclaims Reports Concerning Rumours Of Cancelled Engagement With Her Fiancé

The Rapper is yet to clearly confirm if the rumour concerning her alleged breakup with her fiancé is true.

Eva Alordiah has resorted to an indirect approach to disclaim reports that she is no longer engaged to her fiancé, Caeser Ume-Ezeoke.

Addressing Instagram followers yesterday, the femcee explained her reason for keeping quiet about the rumours in a bid to avoid more controversy.

According to the rapper, reporters are only out to get a story whether it is true or not.

These are what she said:

“I share myself with you guys a lot and that’s simply because it is the one true way I know how to live fully.

“So be assured that If I didn’t say it to you, then its not true. There are a Lot of Bloggers who just want a story and would do whatever to hit ‘Publish’ without caring if what they have posted is true or not.

“But I know this ‘way’ so I play siddown look a lot.

“Instead I am so focused right now on what and How I am serving you here, that it is more important for me to continue to do my work than to stop at every ignorant post and make a response.

“I have Stopped indulging and giving my time to “bloggers” who are here with a mission to Waste my Time on things that do not expand my consciousness and improve my Life.”
Though the rapper took a subtle way to refute the rumours about her breakup with Caeser, the same can’t be said about the latter.


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