Evicted Housemates On Whom They Would Want to Win The 2018 Big Brother Show

Last week Sunday 4 of the housemates in this year’s Big Brother Naija show were evicted and has since arrived the country and begun their media tour.

In a recent interview with Pulse, they all revealed whom they would want to win the show.

Dee One

As una don dey vote for who dey… I think it’s Mina, judging by the love they have for their sex life.


It’s obvious that a lot of people have their favourites in the house and the person who stays till the last week with the highest number of votes automatically wins.

But in all honesty, I will like to see someone who is quite creative win the show. Over the years, we have had people win the show and they have not given back to the society.

I’m an advocate of people giving back to the society. So in all honesty, if you ask me who I want to win Big Brother Naija, I think the only talented housemate left is Ifuennada, and I hope she does win.


Apart from the fact that Ifu is my girl, she is multi-talented, and that is what I think Big Brother should project’

I don’t think Big Brother should project someone just going into the house, sleeping most of the time, being quiet most of the time and sliding into the finals and then winning.

No, I think people should vote for someone who’s got it.

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I love Ifu. I love Rico, I think he is very entertaining, very funny, and if we are to believe everything that he said, he has had it very tough.

But for some reason, I just love Angel. I fee like, how can one man be a Kung fu master and be a kickboxer?

My guy sabi sing, my guy dey play guitar, my man come sabi book on top. My guy has tried. So, if it’s based on merit, I think it”s Angel.

Vandora and Dee One said they would love Alex to win, while Khloe is rooting for Leo.


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