Ghanaian Boxer Beats Comedian Up On Live TV

Joke gone wrong on a live TV show in Ghana as a boxer gave a popular Ghanaian comedian more than he asked for by beating him up.

According to reports, Ghanaian boxer Ayittey Powers beat comedian, Baba Spirit, up on Live TV for the latter’s decision to make a joke out of his (Ayittey’s) hairstyle.

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Ayittey Powers, had showed up to the studios as a guest for an interview alongside Baba Spirit but instead turned the studio to a boxing ring by suddenly beating the comedian up for his ‘insensitive’ joke about his hairstyle.

“If I know like you people will invite this guy, like I won’t come,” but Baba Spirit replied him….”What can you do” a response that irked the boxer prompting him to bring out the fighting spirit in him.


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