2 Reasons Why Glo Recent Slash In Data Bundle Volume Is A Blessing In Disguise

Glo recent slash down bundle
Glo recent slash down bundle

It is no longer news that Glo recently halved its monthly data bundle allocation to new customers and those who renew their plans not later than 3 days after the expiration of their current data plan.

And it was as if hell was let lose at the data bundle reduction by Glo because obviously the slash in data bundle allocation didn’t go well with many Glo subscribers and they were not just happy about the recent development.

But looking at the recent slash of data bundle volume by Glo from a different perspective, one could actually see the move as indeed a blessing in disguise.

We know that most of you might still be wondering how halving of data bundle allocation by Glo could actually be seen as a blessing in disguise.

Now if you are also wondering, then let’s give you the 2 major scenarios why we see the slash in data volume as a true blessing in disguise.

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You will agree with us that one of the major causes of poor internet speed being experience with most of these network providers is congestion, reason why you will notice better internet connectivity speed during off-peak periods like during the night hours.

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And because Glo truly been the grandmasters of data then at cheaper rate, lots of people dished their other network SIMs and chose Glo for that reason thereby getting Glo internet network congested in many location, which contributed enormously to the poor network people often complain about Glo.

Firstly, now that Glo has slashed down data volume, obviously many of Glo subscribers will port back to other networks, thereby reducing the congestion and making those that would remain with Glo now enjoy better internet connectivity speed in their respective locations.

Secondly, some might not really like the Glo network for reason best known to them, but they have been entrapped in the Glo network because of the better data volume that Glo do offer to subscribers when compared to those of other network providers, but this Glo recent slash in data volume would make those who initially feel entrapped in the network heave a sigh of relieve as they will now use the opportunity to port to other network of true choice.

A case that can actually be likened to freeing up slaves from captivity, because many customers were initially trapped like slave on the Glo network but with Glo recent move it is now like freedom for all.


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