How to Write a Music Press Release

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Want to learn how to write a Music Press Release? Then continue reading!

A press release is one of the marketing strategies deployed by brands, businesses and corporate bodies to increase Return on Investments (ROI).

In the music industry, the aim is likewise.

A press release is used to announce the emergence of a new single, an album, an EP, a tour or a collaboration.

Record labels use press releases more often, especially when lots of artists are under them and they are doing very well.

However, some are still left in the dark on how to perfectly scribble a professional music press release that will pique the attention of journalist and earn it widespread publicity.

This article will demystify how to write a music press release and all you need to do right now is to keep reading.

Steps on How to Write a Music Press Release

Set a Concise Goal

Although the general aim of a press release is to herald the entry of something new from your music brand, you need to be certain of what you want the press release to achieve.

This will allow you limit your content details or tilt it to a certain angle without boring your readers.

If it’s about your new single that’s out, your major goal is to entice readers to run down to the download page and get involved.

If it’s about the launch of something extraordinary from your brand, then you need to be more enticing with your press release.

If you don’t have a clear goal, you might find yourself including lots of irrelevant items on the press release that will be of no benefit to the reader.

Craft a Great Title

Titles are like the sign posts to your press releases.

If they are captivating, readers will stop by and engage.

If they are just dry and tasteless, readers will pass.

You need to make your title as attractive as possible to write a music press release that will actually be read.

Start With the Introduction

You can’t just possibly jump into the meat of the matter without having a few lines say something about your brand and your kind of music.

This intro is necessary for those who will be reading about you and your brand for the first time.

Even if they decide not to continue reading, at least they would have left with a knowledge about you and what you stand for.

Hit it off with the Crux already

There will be no bushes to beat about here because your readers don’t have all the time in the world to watch you beat bushes at their data expense.

So after the introduction, delve right into why you summoned their online attention.

Tell them what’s up and what they will be expecting.

Never exaggerate, else they won’t take your word for it next time.

Write Your Closing

This final paragraph of your press release is also important and is the most seamless of everything.

Here, you provide details of how the reader can access the good stuff that you just let out of your staples.

Your phone number, email address, your website if you have any, download link if it’s a new single and your social networks handles will all be sprayed here so you can be reached.

Your press release isn’t complete without this.

It’s just like announcing a program without stating the venue, date and time on air.

So that’s basically it.

Doesn’t need a genius to craft one, just someone who knows what he is doing and can write in simple English.

However, employing a professional press release writer still comes as a fine option.

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