Recruitment for Cleaners in the United Arab Emirates

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Cleaners Job Openings in the United Arab Emirates…Apply Now!!!

The United Arab Emirates mostly called the UAE is an Asia country sharing maritime border Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. It consists of seven notable emirates coming together as one with one of them as its capital city. The country strongly prohibits discrimination whatsoever throughout the employment process.

The United Arab Emirates has a well-developed economy and is currently regarded as one of the best in the world today. Its developed economy gives rise to the creation of several industries which gives room for various employment opportunities and thus makes the country appealing to the teeming employment seekers.

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Position Summary

Medratimes is glad to inform you that there’s currently ongoing recruitment for capable, experienced and friendly personnel to work as Cleaners in the United Arab Emirates for various public and private businesses.

However, it’s important to understand the basic requirements of landing the position and duties that you’ll be required to fulfill after landing the position. The position requires that you have previous experience, goal-oriented, and can function effectively with little or no supervision.

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Position Duties and Responsibilities

  • Washing of dishes and utensils
  • The timely dusting of furniture and other gadgets
  • Ensure that all guests enjoy an outstanding customer service experience
  • Effective handling and resolving of guests complaints and inquiries
  • Effective cleaning of walls and windows
  • Execute to the highest degree all other responsibilities that may be assigned
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Position Skills and Requirements

To land this position, you’re required to have;

  • High school diploma
  • Strong and energetic
  • Pay strong attention to details
  • Can effectively lift heavy loads
  • Good organization and management skills
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Can work effectively under little or no supervision
  • Exceptional customer service and organization skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Goal-oriented and passionate
  • Friendly and positive

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