Jim Iyke Looking All Smooth In New IG Photo Shares With Us Inspirational Quotes

Nigerian Actor Jim Iyke shared a picture of him on instagram looking so smart and fresh. He shared with us awesome quotes that are really inspirational.
He Said:

The size of your last NO determines the quality of your next YES. The value of self worth is invaluable. Only you can measure the value. They will use every tool and barometer to weigh you. Some will find you wantonly lacking. Others will be too immersed in comparison to embrace your true worth. Take time to apologize to absolutely no one for your convictions.
Work in the shadow. Partner with silence. Forge a bond btw your instincts and choices. Hone it to fine art. Test characters around you intermittently. Tailor your words in solitude with singular will to speak to your spirit man.
Move in absolute authority. She spoke life into me from the womb.
I am my Mother’s Son.
Gladys calls me IKECHUKWU from Heaven! #NomadicEntrepreneur #OnTheMove#Gladysboi #Harvpapa #NomadChronicles


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