Kaitlynn Carter Hints She And Ex Brody Jenner Had S*x With Other Women During Marriage

Kaitlynn Carter Hints She And Ex Brody Jenner Had S*x With Other Women During Marriage-medratimes

Kaitlynn Carter has hinted that she and ex-husband Brody Jenner had sex with other women during their marriage.

Carter, who is now dating Miley Cyrus, seemed to make the revelation while addressing rumours that she and Brody had an open marriage, in the season finale of The Hills: New Beginnings.

Their co-star Ashley Wahler asked Kaitlynn, 30, in Monday’s episode: “So does Brody have sex with other women?”

And Kaitlynn replied: “Not without me being involved, okay? Everything with me and Brody is under my control, let’s put it that way.”

She later added: “There’s not one part of our relationship that I’m ashamed of or that I would do differently.”

Kaitlynn said other people just aren’t as “open-minded” as she and Brody were.

She said: “I just think that the world isn’t necessarily ready to hear about all that. Not everybody is so open-minded or accepting of other people. But as long as what we’re doing is working for us, that’s the most important thing.”

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Kaitlynn added that she and Brody, who announced their split in July, were “crazy” when they first got together six years ago.

“When Brody and I were first together we were young, we were crazy, we were basically just trying to have the time of our lives. So we did a lot of things in our relationship that I certainly wouldn’t say I regret,” she explained.

Brody also added on the show that Kaitlynn gave him “freedom” to do “whatever he wants”.

He said: “Ultimately I’m extremely happy with my relationship and my wife, and she gives me tons of freedom to be able to do whatever I want. I have nothing to complain about. Life is great.”

Also in the episode, the couple clarified that they never legally married because they had “financial things” to “work out”. Brody said that after their wedding in Indonesia, they were “incredibly busy” and never “got round” to making the ceremony legal at a courthouse.


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