BREAKING NEWS: Man Killed His Own Son For Money Ritual (PHOTOS)

money, money table, money ritual

After killing his son for money ritual he reported him missing to the police, All this for money.

money, money table, money ritual

This man took his son out and came back home alone and he went to the police station to report that his son was missing, but his wife disagree with him, that he is the one that took his son out and that the police should arrest him.

The greatest surprise is that the head, leg and body of the young boy was eventually found in his car booth. He had butchered the boy the man killed his own son for money ritual. What a callous and wicked  father. Please share to your friends so that they can learn from it and  trust nobody.

What a wicked world we are in all because of money a man killed his own son.

money table, money, paper money, money ritual


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