SHOCKING: A Man Found A Snake Hiding Under His Duvet On His Bed (Photo)

man found snake under duvet

In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has reportedly found a snake hiding under his duvet.

A photo has shown the truly horrifying moment a man lifted up his duvet to find a snake lurking in his bed sheets.

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According to The Sun UK, Australian Jimmy Blain noticed the tail of the reptile and then decided to film himself raising up the bed sheets.

When he whipped away his covers, he found an eastern brown snake which is one of the most deadly in the world.

He can be heard yelping “f*** that – why are you in my bed?

Ha, ha, ha Jesus Christ. Out please.”

While doing so the snake’s forked tongue can be seen zipping in and out.

If the brown snake had sunk its fangs into Jimmy its venom would have paralysed him and stopped blood from clotting.

He would have collapsed within a few minutes and if not taken to hospital to be given antivenom, he would have died.


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