Meghan Markle gave out weed at her first wedding, says her dad

Thomas Marlee revealed Meghan Markle gave out bags of weed as wedding souvenirs.

The Duchess of Sussex married TV producer Trevor Engelson in Jamaica in 2011. Thomas, 74, said his daughter ‘planned everything down to the tiniest detail’ – including a surprise welcome gift of some cannabis.

The retired lighting director said he believes he gave his bag away as he doesn’t smoke weed.

‘It’s illegal, but it’s no big deal in Jamaica,’ he told the Mail on Sunday. ‘It’s almost customary down there. I don’t smoke weed and to the best of my knowledge nor does Meghan.’

Meghan and Trevor, they split up just two years later.

He also said he had apologised to the Duke of Sussex over the phone, but Meghan and her new husband are giving him ‘silence’.

He said his ‘punishment’ has been disproportionate to his ‘crime’. ‘

I did a few things wrong, said a few things I should not have said,’ he admitted. ‘But there are convicts in prisons who have murdered and committed all kinds of horrible crimes, and their daughters still visit them.’


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