What Are Some Mind-Blowing Facts About Game of Thrones (TV Series)?

Many amazing facts have been listed about Game of Thrones (TV series). I’ll be mentioning some in this post.

GoT characters have been quite popular throughout the world which resulted in many people naming their kids “Khaleesi”, “Tyrion”, “Arya”, “Theon”, etc. Its fascinating to know that even a particular species of sea slug, which features a broad white band between the eyes and tail is also named after Daenerys Targaryen because of the iconic silvery braid of the character. Presenting you, the one and only: Tritonia Khaleesi.

2. In 2015, GoT set the record of winning most Emmys in a single year with 12 wins out of 24 nominations. Surprisingly, even with so much detail and expense on wigs and hairstyling, GoT hasn’t won an Emmy for hairstyling yet, despite 5 nominations.

3. If you are in love with the direwolves every Stark (and Jon) has and you wish to have one of them, then cheer up. The American Alsatian Breeders’ Association have a slow but steady “Direwolf project” aiming to recreate the look of the large prehistoric Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus) in bone and body structure.

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4. The Red Wedding actually happened. Author George R.R. Martin has said that the inspiration for the betrayal is based on two dark events in Scottish history: the Black Dinner of 1440 and the Massacre of Glencoe from 1692. You can read about the same in detail here: The real-life events that inspired Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding

5. GoT has the record of being one of the bloodiest shows ever. With a staggering 133 named characters killed in just the first 4 seasons, it has maintained an average of 4.5 deaths per episode till now. The Red Wedding, being the most brutal among all with 7 named characters killed mercilessly. Valar Morghulis indeed!

6. HBO spends nearly $60m on each season of GoT. That equals $6m per episode. Although, ‘Friends’ beats GoT here with an approximate cost of $10m per episode, making it the costliest TV show to be aired ever.

7. GoT has an IMDb rating of 9.5 which makes it the joint first alongside Band of Brothers and Planet Earth. However, GoT has received nearly 5 times the number of ratings compared to Band of Brothers and 10 times compared to Planet Earth. This makes it the most popular show ever. Breaking Bad comes second.

8. GoT has been the most pirated TV show for straight 4 years i.e., from 2012 to 2015 with an estimated 14.4 million downloads in 2015 through BitTorrent alone. The Walking Dead and TBBT, which are 2nd and 3rd on the list have a total of 11.3 million downloads among them. Season 3 finale alone was downloaded a whopping 5.9 million times.

9. George R R Martin wanted to sell off scripts that he had written for GoT Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10 in order to raise some money for charity. He received the package from executive producer Dan Weiss, but the parcel was damaged and somebody in the way had stolen the scripts which even had autographs of Weiss and Benioff. Poor chap Martin.

10. GRRM is well-known for drawing inspiration for different plots, characters and storylines in his book from real-life incidents. The Valyrian steel, supposed to be the sharpest of all in the GoT universe is inspired from Damascus Steel. The actual process for making Damascus steel has been lost to history just like its Valyrian counterpart. It was made of Wootz steel, which was imported from Southern India.

11. Despite making $15 million a year, according to a Forbes estimate, the GoT author resides in a modest house, eats at local restaurents, and owns an ancient Mazda. For a while, he even had his name and address listed on the local Yellow pages! A man is no one. :p

12. A recent TIME article noted that given the height and BMI of The Mountain aka Gregor Clegane, it is indeed possible for someone as humongous as him to crush a human skull with his bare hands. You wouldn’t want to mess with such a guy.

13. And finally, despite all the above records set and being the most popular show ever, it is quite surprising to know that GoT has employed only 7 writers till now. To put things in perspective, Walking Dead has 20 writers and The Kardashians around 1275 (Just kidding!)

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