Mortgage Insurance Company Marketing Strategies: Local, State Or National Loan

There are three loan approaches to implement this kind of mortgage company marketing strategy, depending on what kind of company you have. Here’s how local, regional, and national companies can approach it:

Local mortgage companies can double or triple loan their website traffic by publishing local housing and mortgage information. That’s a conservative statement. We’ve actually witnessed a tenfold increase in web traffic (e.g., 20 visitors per day becomes 200 visitors), especially with companies that didn’t have much of an internet “footprint” before launching a loan publishing program.

Example: a company that does business in Austin, Texas would be wise to publish loan internet articles about “Austin mortgage rate trends.” There’s less search-engine competition at the local (city / metro) level. So it’s easier to rank well for these phrases in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So, what else do you write about? What kind of loan website content works best for generating traffic and leads? Here are some of the most popular local topics among mortgage shoppers:


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