My Ex Dumped Me After Dating Her For 4years Without Sex– Actor, Emmanuel Okonkwo

Nollywood actor, Emmanuel Okonkwo whose stage name is Emma Chinedum has been in the movie industry for over a decade.

Although, he had been stereotyped to gateman character, the Uli Aambra state born actor cum filmmaker didn’t let that deter him from churning out good productions.

In an exclusive interview, he said: “I’m an actor and a producer. I have produced twice Tinta a soap opera. It’s on Galaxy TV, ABS and also online. After that I did an Igbo series titled, Ego Furu Uzo (Money Miss Road) but it is not on air yet.

After the millions I invested into the work, I wasn’t pleased with the outcome, so I had to pause. However, I’m already making plans for a reshoot.”

Okonkwo also lends his voice on the challenges men face in the industry, especially at the early stage of their careers.

According to him, the challenges are for all actors: “Sexual harassment is not only on the producers, it’s everywhere. In the private sector, employment market etc. Being too desperate too is a other reason our ladies are sexually harassed. If you know you are talented and has what the market needs, no one can ask you for sex even if thousands have failed you those who mean business would surely call you. Then for guys, get something else doing that pays your bills. The only challenge you would get is tallying it with your job, but if you are hardworking and persistence, you would pull through.”

On his relationship status, the father of one gushed about the love of his life that saved him from taking his life few years ago and reasons he stayed in the relationship for 4 years without any intimacy.

“I’m in a serious relationship which also has a baby boy. We are not wedded yet, but making plans soonest. My last relationship didn’t work out which made me almost commit suicide. I locked myself up in a room for days and couldn’t eat. Worse still, when I saw her wedding photos on Facebook, I cried and felt like dying. To the extent that when I am given a crying script, I just remember her and tears would roll down my cheeks like tap.

At a point, I assured her that I was ready to take her back if after two years her marriage didn’t work out. It was that bad. This was the same woman I dated for 4 years without any sexual intimacy. I can swear with my life. From the first time we met in school, till it ended


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