PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj New Weave Cost $75,000 And It’s All Real Hair That Took An Indian Girl 6 Years To Grow

Nicki Minaj’s new EXTRA LONG weave cost a reported $75,000 according to sources close to the PLATINUM SELLING ARTIST.

Why so much? Well because the hair is 100% real, and all from the same person. We’re told, “The woman who ‘donated’ her hair had to grow it to that length TWICE so that she could have enough for a full head [weave].”

We’re told that the woman whose hair was used was not hired by Nicki – but by a popular hair company. They explained, “She had a special diet to make her hair grow thick and strong. It took six years to get all the hair necessary.”

Wow, that’s expensive. But is it worth it though??

More Pic Below…


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