Nollywood has the ‘fakest’ life and people – Kevin Aduba

Kevin Aduba who shared a video on his Instagram page, alleged that while people claim there are so many fake people on Instagram, however the comparison is heightened when it comes to Nollywood.

The actor who asked his colleagues why they don’t help each other, stated that end up ‘licking butts’ of people who deep down they know they don’t like. Here is the video below;

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This is coming after Mike Ezuruonye alleged that the advent of the internet and the social media, had increased fake-lifestyles among the youth. Ezuruonye told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that he had had witnessed many fake lifestyles across the country over the years.

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“The advent of the internet and social media has put unnecessary pressures on the youth of this country to live fake lifestyles that should not have been the case.
“You meet several people who feel they have to make an impression to be accepted by the public.
“On a personal level, I have experienced many fake-life habits where people claim to be something but turned out to the opposite.
“We are in a system where the social media has made people leading fake lifestyles to become products of both public success and private failure.
“Such people only show their successes but not their failures on the social media,” he said.


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