One day, I’ll be recognized when I’m gone – Chris Brown

Chris Brown was in a reflective mood earlier today as he talked about not being given recognition for his talent and contribution

He said when he is gone ,they’ll make a movie about him ,talking about how he stood tall despite all thrown at him.

He wrote on Instagram;

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One day they will make a movie about this kid, saying how he was one of the greats and stared adversity in the eyes and stood tall no matter what they threw at him. HE MADE MUSIC THAT MATTERED AND HELPED SO MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE IN THEIR ABILITIES TO MANIFEST THEIR OWN DESTINY. it’s pretty sad that all these things will be recognized when IM GONE! ❤️. BUT FOR NOW, IMA REMAIN HUMBLE/CREATIVE (MYSelf) And ultimately elevate my CONSCIOUSNESS.


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