Police arrest lady who stalked man with 159,000 horrible messages

An Arizona woman identified as Jacqueline Ades has been arrested by the police for stalking a man with 159,000 text messages, some of which were threatening.

Reports have it that Ades had gone on a date with the man once but he was not interested in pursuing any relationship with her, Ades, a licensed beautician from Florida.

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Ades wasted no time in stalking and threatening him after police escorted her off his property in July 2017, according to police documents obtained by The Arizona Republic.

Some of the messages included, “I’d wear ur fascia n the top of ur skull n ur hands n feet.” Another said, “I’d make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones.”

Another document showed that Ades was arrested again in April 2018 after she allegedly broke into the victim’s home while he was out of town.

Her arrest records listed her as showing signs of mental illness.

She is currently been held in the Maricopa County jail without bond and has pled not guilty to charges of stalking and criminal trespassing. Her trial is scheduled to begin next month.


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