Meet The Model Who Has Spent £30,000 To Transform Herself Into A Real Life Doll

A model has revealed how she has spent a whopping £30,000 on transforming herself into a real life Barbie doll. Paris Herms, 26, of Berlin, first went under the knife aged just 17 after dreaming of ‘being immaculate’. The frizzy-haired, glasses-wearing teenager first had her lips enlarged, before getting her first b*ob job aged 18. She increased from a B cup to a large D size with implants weighing 400 grams.

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But the IT girl and model was hooked and quickly, her new br*asts simply weren’t big enough.

‘I was so excited at the time, but that’s the way everyone goes under the knife. ‘When the doctors removed the bandages after two weeks, I thought, they’re nice, but still too small’ she said.

Although Paris earns a living from her looks now, as a young girl she was not so self-confident or fashionable.

She added: ‘It started when I was about five or six years old. I played a lot with barbie dolls. I adored the beauty and fragility of them.’

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Two years after her first boob job, she got her second, with her implants now weighing one kilo each.

But she now wants to have Germany’s biggest br*asts, and hopes to have them inflated until they weigh two kilos each.

In a bid to look even more like a living doll, she also wants to have two ribs removed so that she can have a smaller waist.


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