Rolls-Royce SwepTail: World Most Expensive Car. Who Owns This Chic Vehicle? (See Photos)

Rolls-Royce SwepTail  World Most Expensive Car.

Do you want to know who owns the most expensive car in the world? What characteristics distinguish it from many other luxurious vehicles? Find out interesting facts below.


Rolls-Royce SwepTail became the world most expensive car of our time. No, of course, such pre-war masterpieces as the Type 41 Royale or the 57th Atlantic cost incommensurately more. But these unique Bugatti is more than 70 years old. Their highest value determined not only by exclusivity but also history.

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Of course, SwepTail also has its own history. But as for now, it is not as exciting as the past of the most expensive cars in the world which cost more than $40 million.


This Rolls-Royce was ordered by a very wealthy man from a country rich in black gold. The car manufacturer has no right to disclose his name. So we will learn it only when this person openly drive through the streets of his city and get into the lenses of the paparazzi cameras.

Rolls-Royce SwepTail  World Most Expensive Car.

Now we only know that he wanted to get Rolls created in a single copy. This man was not only a connoisseur of pre-war Rolls-Royce models, but he also knew a lot about expensive yachts. Therefore, the client wished his car to be similar to the old British car brand and a refined yacht at the same time. To implement the idea, he personally visited the headquarters of RR in Goodwood, where he communicated with the chief designer of the company – Giles Taylor.

The work began in 2013, but the idea was finally realized in metal in 2015. This car was shown to the public neither in Detroit nor in Geneva but at the Villa D’este competition of automotive elegance in Italy. Here, this creation was appreciated by the most sophisticated connoisseurs of automotive beauty and not thousands of onlookers many of whom do not understand anything in cars as it happens at the world’s largest car dealerships.

The price of Rolls-Royce SwepTail is impressive. This is $13,000,000. It is a record price for a new car.


Yes, the most expensive car in the whole world is exclusive. But still it is based on the Phantom Coupe, so there are no technical revelations here, the whole thing is in the design.

Look at the photos of Rolls-Royce SwepTail. How do you like it?

Rolls-Royce SwepTail  World Most Expensive Car.

The vehicle resembles a boat by its shape. The radiator grille is made of one piece of aluminum. It is polished to such an extent that one can see his exact reflection.

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The numbers 08 are nothing more than a registration number. There will be no ordinary numbers on this vehicle.

Rolls-Royce SwepTail  World Most Expensive Car.

As in the other two-door Rolls, the doors are opened opposite to movement.

Pay attention to the roof – it is completely glassy. According to the representatives of the RR, it is the largest and most complex roof made of glass in the history of world car industry. These words do not cause doubts as it is really difficult to remember something similar.


Unlike the Phantom coupe, there are no back seats. Instead, a wooden shelf is provided. In the center console, there is a refrigerator with two glasses and a bottle of champagne. Perhaps you will find that this is not unusual for a car in this price category. But here it is worth noting that there is no such feature in the Phantom Coupe.

Rolls-Royce SwepTail  World Most Expensive Car.


The technical characteristics of the Rolls-Royce SwepTail are not as impressive as design. There is the atmospheric V12 for 6.75 liters. Of course, the engine is absolutely stunning! But there is nothing new in it. The maximum power is 459 hp, and the torque is monstrous 720 Nm. The gears are switched using a previously known 8-axle high-speed automatic transmission.

Now you know the main features of the most expensive car in the world. It’s an outstanding vehicle.



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