See The Two-headed Turtle Discovered In Malaysia (photos)

A two-headed turtle has been discovered on Mabul Island, off the Malaysian part of Borneo.

The two-headed turtle was found in a nest alongside about 90 others hatched on 15th of July. The two-headed turtle only survived for 2 days after it was discovered.

David McCann, who’s a marine biologist and conversation manager for the group called “SJ SEAS” said;

“The right head seems to control the front right flipper, and the left head the front left flipper. Yet they are capable of coordinating their movements in order to walk and swim.”

“We have released around 13,000 hatchlings from the hatchery and have never seen anything like this before,” SJ SEAS chairman Mohamad Khairuddin Riman added.

Two headed turtle


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