SHOCKING!!! Guy Woke Up From Sleep To Find Out He Had a Full Makeover (Photos)

Plumber Stephen Hall was supposed to be spending Sunday with girlfriend Natalie, but their plans were ruined when he crashed in from an all-night bender with pals at 6am.

Bored and annoyed that she had to spend the morning alone, receptionist Natalie decided to get revenge.

The 23-year-old gave Stephen a FULL makeover, even including a set of false nails.

Stephen was blissfully unaware during his transformation, as Natalie applies a full face of make-up including foundation, highlighter, eyeshadow, false lashes, lipstick as well as eyebrow make-up, all finished off with glam false nails.

The plumber only woke up by accidentally scratching himself with the long nails and despite initially being confused at his own reflection, admits he “made a pretty woman.”

However, Natalie is now living in fear that Stephen will be after his own prank as payback and refuses to go to bed before he does.

Natalie, from Castleford, in West Yorkshire, said:

“I have always said he would suit being a woman, so, I thought I would do him up and see what he would look like. He’s quite a feminine character.
“He is very bubbly and a lot of people have fun with him.
“He had gone out and been drinking all night Saturday until 6am on Sunday morning he had a bit too much to drink and we were meant to be going out for the day.
“I wanted to spend some time with him.


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