Sometimes I cry when I see how beautiful my mates look – Acid burn survivor

Nigerian acid burn survivor and Biochemist, Obanye Francess took to social media to reveal how hard it was for her at times when she sees others with flawless skins.

Obanye who recently competed her NYSC service was bathed with acid in 2004, at the age of 9. 

She also lost the use of one eye and has succeeded in graduating despite her challenge .

In her latest post, she wrote;

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There are sometimes in my life when I look at my mates and see how beautiful there faces are and I will look at mine and cry so hard…at that point I had to question God? why he will allow a little girl of my age to face this terrible challenge? but while growing up and with the help of my mum I realized that crying will not solve my problems.
I had to start doing things that will make me happy, like going to school, going out with my friends, learning how to face my challenges and I really tried improving on my social life and am so glad I moved on.
Am glad to tell you this,this girl you are seeing here has become so fearless and ready to face the world 👌💪.


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