T Boss Responds To Her Dad’s Curse On Future Husband

Former Big Brother Naija 2017 contestant,T Boss appears to have fired back at her dad after he placed a curse on any man who marries her.

Following the news of Tboss’ dad Vincent Idowu remarrying, many Nigerians took to social media to ask why as they were not even aware he is a divorced man. Some even asked why he would take such step knowing he has older kids.

Replying to all their complaints and questions, Vincent replied that he has not seen his kids in 2-years, adding that it is not good for anyone to be alone. He also placed a curse on any man who marries either of them .

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I am starting a new beginning and clearing the slate of all the wrong decisions I made in my life. I just want to forget Tokunbor (TBoss) and her siblings and start life afresh for all its worth. If and wherever Tboss and any of her siblings gets married, it shall be without my blessings and woe unto the man or the woman who marries any of them. So shall it be by the power vested on me by God Almighty”.

In Instagram posts, she fired back with religious quotes .

She also shared a Bible verse ‘Proverbs 26:2’ on her Instagram stories.

Proverbs 26:2 reads-

For as a bird flying over to high things, and as a sparrow going into uncertain; so cursing brought forth without reasonable cause shall come above into some man.

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