Taylor Swift Lashes Scooter Braun, Says He Doesn’t Know What Art Is Like

Taylor Swift Lashes Scooter Braun-medratimes

29-year old American singer, Taylor Swift sent out lashes via words to American entrepreneur and record executive Scooter Braun, for owning all her early master recordings after buying her former record label Big Machine.

Speaking on iHeart Radio today, the recording artist noted that the talent manager does not know what art is like as he has never made one so he cannot the feeling and connection with the works. She stressed that she has taken full ownership of her album and is happy to.

“It’s mine! She’s mine, fully mine. I’m happy to take full ownership of this album. It’s not just from a business perspective, it’s like your heart belongs in that art you made. And the person who bought my art, he’s never made any art in his life, so he doesn’t know what it’s like.

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He could never understand that personal connection. When you make something and then someone buys it out from under you… I don’t think that a lot of people understand that’s how our business works. They think we own what we make“, she said.


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