Things Get Heated Between Blac Chyna And Her Mum As They Visit A Therapist To Repair Their Relationship

Blac Chyna And Mum Visits Therapist-medratimes

Blac Chyna and her mum Tokyo Toni are trying to repair their relationship but it seems things might get worse before it gets better.

The mother and daughter visited a therapist to hash out their feelings and understand each other better. During the session taped for Blac Chyna’s reality show The Real Blac Chyna, the reality star is seen talking about her feelings but this didn’t go down well with her mum.

Blac Chyna said she felt like she wasn’t a priority to her mum and she felt alone a lot while growing up. This seemed to offend Tokyo and when the therapist said Blac Chyna must have been hurt by the feeling, Tokyo Toni interjected to say, “No, it don’t hurt nothing over here.”

Things pretty much went downhill from there as both women soon began arguing.

Watch the video below.



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