Want To Win a Scholarship? Do This.

Tips on How to Win a Scholarship

So I get it, getting a scholarship award is real work. You might think it comes easy for some people and just seems like it is not meant for others.

This article is meant for those that are looking for scholarship awards, those that are frustrated with the constant rejection mails and those that feel they don’t have a chance at any scholarship because of their educational grades.

I want to share some simple but valuable tips that can help you.

1. Leverage on social media pages

Most opportunity sites have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts that are connected to their websites. A wise move to be apprised of any information on these websites is to follow the social media accounts associated with the websites.

Interestingly, Facebook has a feature called SEE FIRST which allows users to see post of pages immediately they log in into the app. This feature has to be manually activated on any page of interest. To activate this feature, see image below:

2. Documentation is very important

After applying for many scholarships, I discovered something interesting and common to all scholarship application requirements. All scholarship applications

have similar questions and require similar documents. Compiling and ensuring all your documents are up to date is very important.

For every opportunity I applied for I ensured I documented all the questions and my answers to the questions. This is to ensure I have a full library of questions and their answers thereby reducing the amount of time and stress it would take to complete a future application process.

3. Get a generic reference letter

This is a part that discouraged me from applying to a lot of scholarships. I discovered that a lot of people find it very difficult to get reference letter to support their application. This document is very important when considering who to award a scholarship.

One way to get it done is to request for a generic reference letter from your referee. This is a win-win situation for you and your referee as you don’t get to buzz them every time you need a reference letter. If you can get the softcopy to edit whenever you need it. That will be a good addition and make things easy.

Note: Always get your referee’s permission to re-use their reference letter and inform them when you use it. A lot of applications do cross check.

4. Write to them to show that you are interested

When you apply for a scholarship, do a follow up by getting yourself involved in their social media activities. Write to them and ask them when you should expect a reply. You can go a step further and chip in one or two reasons why you are anxious to get a response from them. This way when they see your application and remember your email they will be happier to go through it.

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5. Volunteer or Join a social cause

I find it difficult to understand why youths are reluctant to volunteer and advocate for a passionate social cause.

Not only will they give back to their communities which is a great thing, these gestures will certainly place them in a better position when seeking opportunities.

You will experience a lot of victories and failures in life by trying…Awe Ayodeji

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I know these tips will help you secure a great opportunity.

Stay tuned for my next post titled “You want a job? Do this”.

Feel free to share this post, add comments and suggestions and let’s discuss more scholarships and opportunities.


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