VIDEO: Man Bashed On By Hotel Manager In Ajah While Having Sex Cries Out

Now, this looks made up right? My people na true story ooo. LAMO. I have told you, we are no longer Africans, we belong in the western world now. No shame whatsoever.

You know the saddest part, this man kept saying he banged in when ‘i dey fvck’ he said it like 3 times in the short video, to make it even more terrible, he added i was almost ”cumming”. Sigh! Whose daddy is this o???

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Embedded video

Story time!

So the manager of the hotel I’m in went into an occupant’s room without prior warning to evacuate him. Apparently he had exceeded his stay. Sad part is he was engaged in hot steamy sex when the ambush occurred. Below is the aftermath…


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