Young Thug’s tribute to his girlfriend is everything

American rapper,YoungThug paid special tribute to his girlfriend, Jerrika Karlae, to celebrate woman’s day month.

The rapper whose sexuality has always been under question, has been dating Karlae for 5 years now.

He revealed she is perfect because she love for him is unconditional.

He wrote;

It’s girls month so… to this special young lady I’ve known for a while now named, “JERRIKA KARLAE HAUSER” has meant the world to me for 5 years…. first of all I hope u die with me, hopefully u die way richer/wiser/sexier then every women on earth 😭😂 the first day we meet I knew what this would be for me/us. I know I’m not but, I pray I become perfect simply because you’re perfect. I’ve learned from u, that love has to naturally be in your heart and not your feelings, because in these days of time love is like a business because you love a person and you want love in return so that makes it a business and that’s not real love. You taught me that love has to be natural as in.. I love you if you don’t love me back or I love my dog. And therefore I grant you anything you ever desire in this world together or not. I love you and have fun this whole month on me.😛 AND BTW… IF EVERY WOMEN WAS LIKE U THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE.. ME LUV U 5ŁÏ4Æ!! Oh ya,I’m on block so I could at her guys😬


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